frequently asked questions

1: Where is your headquarters located?

In the city of Shenzhen in China.

2: Why do you have an office in Hong Kong and the Netherlands?

In order to provide an even better service to our customers, we have offices in Hong Kong and Netherlands founded.

3: Does Shenzhen Agency mediate or sell?

In principle, we only mediate. But to make it even easier for our customers, we can also importer (Shenzhen Agency Netherlands B.V.). In that case we do the products in our own name and import account (in the Netherlands) and then sell / deliver to you as normal sales within Europe.

4: What is the added value if I buy from Shenzhen Agency B.V.?

When you buy from our Dutch B.V. instead of importing yourself from China, you don't have to first not to worry about the transport / customs process and second you have more security because we are the importer, we are responsible or liable for the product.

5: How fast can I get a quote?

In principle, you will always receive a quote within 24 hours (outside holidays / public holidays). If the request is not clear enough or we need more information, our sales manager will answer you first call or email.

6: I am a standalone seller on Ebay / Amazon, can you also supply me?

We can only mediate / supply products for you if you have an official company registration in your country. We cannot mediate or sell for private individuals.

7: What does the quote look like?

In case you hire us to mediate for example a certain product, the quotation will look like this:
  • Price of the supplier
  • Commission for Shenzhen Agency
  • Shipping costs
  • Total amount to be paid
In case you use the products of Shenzhen Agency B.V. buys:
  • Item price (consisting of original supplier price + import tax + our profit margin)
  • Shipping costs
  • Total amount to be paid

8: Do I get a Chinese or Dutch invoice?

This therefore depends on whether Shenzhen Agency acted as an intermediary or as a selling party. If we have only mediated, you will receive an invoice from China specified by purchase price + a surcharge on commission. In case we act as an importer (Shenzhen Agency B.V.) you will receive a Dutch invoice with whether or not the VAT is shifted in case you are located in another EU country.

9: Why is a (full) deposit required?

Because we mediate or purchase the product specifically for you in China, we must ensure that you do not renounce the purchase.

10: How can I be sure my money is not lost?

Whether you hire Shenzhen Agency for mediation or importer, we are there precisely because of the uncertainties and risks inherent in minimizing or completely eliminating searches with China. It can act as confidential counselor is precisely the right of existence of Shenzhen Agency. For this reason in particular we have one company in the Netherlands (Shenzhen Agency B.V.).

11: How can I be sure I'm getting the right product / service?

To avoid that the product / service does not meet your expectations, we always do your exact first identify needs. We also draw up an agreement and, if necessary, deliver sample products so you can be sure that the product meets your requirements.

12: How do you ensure the quality of the goods for which you mediate?

Before we mediate products for you, we always do a supplier check and documentation check and the functionality of the product. On request we can do an integral quality control on all products / packaging etc.

13: Who is responsible for the transport?

This depends on whether Shenzhen Agency acted as a mediator or as an importer (seller). In the latter case, Shenzhen Agency B.V. the person responsible for the transport. That means all risks of damage or loss, return and warranty are at our expense. And in case Shenzhen Agency acts as a mediator it depends on the terms of delivery. In most cases, delivery takes place on basis of EXW. So as a customer you are liable for the transport.

14: What does the warranty and return policy look like?

This therefore depends on whether Shenzhen Agency acted as an intermediary or as an importer (seller). In the event that Shenzhen Agency is hired for mediation, the warranty and return policy of the Chinese will supplier. And in case you get the product from Shenzhen Agency B.V. Dutch law will apply. In both cases, of course, we do the best possible supplier assessment and quality check for the risk to minimize disappointing quality or warranty or returns.

15: How can I contact you?

You can do this in several ways: You can call or email us. You can also send a message via Whatsapp or WeChat. You can also directly request a quote online. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or more information!